Meet The Team

This Team is made up of students at UGA that desire for incoming students to know Christ and to walk in a relationship with Him.  They want these students to be active members in their churches and be plugged into the Christian community that exists in Athens. They've been praying for these incoming students since August 2021 and can't wait to meet you!

Introducing your 2022 ARCH leadership team! We are so excited to serve the Lord’s mission

It was such a blessing to serve on ARCH’s staff as a counselor and to be involved with the retreat. It’s been even more of a blessing to serve on leadership and to see the ins and outs of how it all comes together. The Lord has had His hand on the ARCH retreat since the beginning and we continue to see its blessings to this day. 

 -Jacob Tanner

I love the heart behind the ARCH Retreat. When I was a freshman I really longed for and truly needed Christ-centered community to get me through the hardships of freshman year. Being able to serve in a position on leadership has been amazing to see how the efforts behind The ARCH are year-round and all driven by the Lord. It’s such a great way to see the hand of the Lord work and see the fruits of His work when you get to the retreat.

 -Kayla Goninan


Jacob Tanner
& Abby Smith



Reece McCamy

Head of Main Sessions


Charley Sun

Head of Fundraising


Brett Stephens

Head of Operations


Owen Furr
& Kristin Partlow

Counselor Trainers


Kayla Goninan
& Deborah Mbay

PR Team


Jonah Misganaw

Head of Hospitality


Grant Miller

Head of Prayer


Kaitlyn Lambert
& Timmy Thomas

Logistics Team


Julia Bridgeman

Head of Registration